Face-to-Face In State Students

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All participants must reserve a campus arrival time in order to reduce the number of people on campus and to increase the likelihood of safe social distancing. Please reserve a time for your class crawl experience by no later than August 14th. Please click the yellow block above to be redirected to our reservation/registration site. While we will not be providing tour guides, campus staff will be abundant to help serve the needs of students and their families. Your campus "tour" will be self guided, however, UNM will have various information tents placed strategically across campus to provide, maps, instructions and support to visitors in need of directions. 

Important notes concerning Class Crawl:

In an effort to provide navigation information on campus for new students at the University of New Mexico, students and their families will are be required to wear a mask. Those who do not bring a mask will be provided with one and must wear it at all times.

Students must bring a copy of their class schedule with printed building name, or they must be prepared to access it using a smart phone.